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walking tours of Southwark

Walking Tours of Southwark London

Where London as a “Great City” began. It was here that the Romans first arrived and temporarily settled. It was here that the Romans bridged the river Thames for the first time and connected Londinium (the Roman capital of Britannica Superior) on the north bank, to Southwark on the south bank. The area became home to many taverns and traders of all descriptions, even prostitution flourished in the early days of what is now Borough High Street.
Southwark means ‘south works’, and the area remained the industrial and trading heart of the city for centuries, as well as being the gateway to the City of London from Dover (south-east) and Chichester (south), via Old London Bridge.

Southwark is home to London’s oldest gothic building, erected some 800 years before the Shard, western Europe’s tallest building and home to London’s highest viewing platform ‘View from the Shard’

There are too many stories and points of interest in Southwark to list here, so a comfortably paced walking tour of the area with your well informed and friendly qualified guide, is an ideal way to spend a couple hours whilst visiting this area of London.

The depth of history in Southwark is amazing, so this is a “must do” tour if you wish to enrich your knowledge of early London.

We have listed some of the points of interest visited on our Walking Tours of Southwark on the map below


Tour duration: approximately 2 hours

  1. Tabard Inn. Where the pilgrims started their journey to Canterbury. Stand in the place where Chaucer once stood.
  2. Queens Head Yard. The site of the Inn owned by the Harvard family, yes the Harvard of Harvard University.
  3. George Tavern. The oldest ‘Coaching Inn’ in London.
  4. Marshalsea Prison. Learn how this site influenced the life of Charles Dickens.
  5. St. George the Martyr Church. Known as “Little Dorrit Church”, but why?.
  6. Cross Bones  Graveyard. Perhaps the saddest place in London.Learn about its grim history
  7. Borough Market. Ancient site that has been used extensively as a film location over many years.
  8. Clink Prison. Visit the site of the original “Clink”.
  9. The Golden Hinde. Replica of the ship in which Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the world.
  10. Southwark Cathedral. Learn about the building’s place in history (beginning in the 13th century) and the famous people who are associated with it.
  11. The Rose. Original site of the first theatre on the ‘Southbank’ of the river Thames.
  12. Ferrymans Rest. The ancient “seat” where the ferryman waited for his customer, in order to transport them across the river to the City of London.
  13. The ‘Anchor’ public house. Tom Cruise could not resist, can you?
  14. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Sam Wannamaker’s dream lives on
  15. The Millennium Footbridge. Beware “The Death Eaters”!

If you would like a comfortably paced walking tour of Southwark, please contact us as we have qualified and friendly guides available for this walk.

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